Princess & A Pea Soup Challenge at Horizons Restaurant

Just this week I had my big brother visiting from Winnipeg. I wanted to take him for dinner at a nice restaurant with a view of Vancouver. I thought that Horizons on Burnaby Mountain was a mighty fine choice for the view.

When I read the menu the soup of the day, it really fancied me:

“Carrot & Sweet Pea Soup – Sourdough croutons, paprika oil”

So I ordered it and my brother followed suit.

Leading up to being served the soup, I imagined that it came with more than one crouton and would be very colourful to my eyes with green (for the peas) floating around perhaps in the orange broth (carrots) with some equisite kind of garnish.

This is what I was served:

The Verdict of Horizons Carrot & Sweet Pea Soup?

There seemed to be a disconnect of how it was described on the menu and what was in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, the broth was super tasty and a very nice touch with the paprika oil. But the soup overall did not wow me what-so-ever. Perhaps my expectation of a fancy dancy restaurant on one of the highest points in Burnaby was way to inflated.


I question if Horizons in fact used sweet peas in the soup and why did they not celebrate them floating around in a beautiful broth? Were some peas actually pureed in the soup? I don’t know and couldn’t tell if they were. Perhaps they did not use fresh sweet peas and hid them in the broth?

Also, the notion of “croutons” being plural in the description was deceiving. I only received one very thin baguette piece which got very soggy after my first spoonful. It disappointed me a tad.


I have been so blessed with superb soups at many restaurants I have visited in the past and would consider myself a soup princess.

So, what I am saying is this soup did not passs the princess test. I am pretty sure someone forgot to put the pea under the twenty mattresses. I was not feeling it what-soever! And the prince is asking “Where did the pea go?!!”


Soup Mistress (and Chris Yelland my brother) Rating for Horizons Carrot & Sweet Pea Soup:

Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (3.5/5)

Presentation: (2.5/5)

Taste: (3/5)

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