Soups of San Francisco – A16 is Broth-a-licious Indeed!

Yesterday was my first day of vacationing in San Franscico and I was all by my lonesome for the first night. Tonight, I will be meeting my boyfriend and we will be venturing out together in the city as well as Napa for few days.  I’m hoping that he will help me rate the rest of the soups during the visit here.

But last night it was just me. So what is one to do all by themselves in the Cow Hallow area?

Well, walking down to Chestnut street was a mighty fine idea indeed. It seemed to be buzzing with all kinds of folks. People hanging out of pubs, cafes and restaurants. I decided to walk by A16, a restaurant that my girlfriend Sharon (whoms house I was staying at) has mentioned a few times in the past as being a great spot. It was super busy, and I lucked out being a lone diner to grab a seat at the bar.

A first, I sat between two couples and it felt so boring to me. But shortly after one couple left, three bubbly freindly women joined the bar besides me, whom I had the liberty to have a few glasses of wine and some laughs with. They were a hoot and made my evening for sure.

 From left to right: Nancy, Heida and Alicia

So what was on the menu?

I decided to have A16’s Spring Zuppa and the Octupus salad.

The Verdict of “A16 Spring Zuppa”?

The soup was not your stuffy high end soup with heavy cream. It had a wonderful tasty and delicate broth. Actually probably one of the top broths I’ve had. It had very thinly sliced asparagus morsels and oh so fine crispy fried croutons. The herbs seemed very fresh, and they definitely used some fresh English Peas – oh my, I liked how they popped in my mouth! The soup seemed simple yet very elegant and oh so tasteful. It seemed as though the soup is an au natural for your tastebuds. No need to glamourize and heavy it up with fat and cream! I am guessing that the broth was a vegetable base – the roasted spring onion oil gave a really good depth to the broth that a meat based broth may have done. Brilliant. Overall, my tastebuds felt very satisfied with A16s Spring Zuppa and my hips didn’t feel guilty what-so-ever.


A16 is a place to check out, they also have a wine list comprising of more than 500 selections!!

2355 Chestnut Ave, San Francisco, California


Soup Mistress Rating for “A16 Spring Zuppa”:

Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (4.5/5)
Presentation: (3/5) 
Taste: (4.5/5) 

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