Has Cream of Broccoli Soup Not Yet Reached Maturity?

Cream of Broccoli Soup

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Cream of Broccoli Soup at Max's Deli, Oak Street, Vancouver, BC

The other day I stopped by Max’s Deli on Oak street in Vancouver. I use to live very close to the deli and frequented it on many occasions. They have tons of wonderful deli foods which are prepared onsite and their bakery products are so beautiful and very tempting.

I decided to have their cream of broccoli soup for lunch with a potato latke. I am not normally a fan of broccoli cream based soups especially if I don’t know what is part of the “cream” base. I did wonder if it had flour and/or fatty creams which I normally try to avoid, but I thought “heck why not have it, it is not going to kill me”.

The Verdict of Max’s Deli Cream of Broccoli Soup? It was pretty tasty.  I spooned up some large chunks of broccoli in the soup – that was nice to see. There were hints of some shredded white mild cheese in the soup – I am not 100% sure what the cheese was though. The soup had a flavorful base to the soup. The spices used were mild and tasty but safe. The soup was not a super duper wow factor for myself, but good enough to fill my tummy until I get home in a few hours after running errands. I wish they had the ingredients listed on the soup board because I missed an opportunity to ask the deli girl – there was a large lineup of customers.

I personally think cream of broccoli soup has not yet reached maturity in many restaurants and cafes. All seem to serve up the same “safe” cream of broccoli soup like Max’s Deli.

I decided to go on a hunt online to find some contender creamy /cheesy broccoli soups to try at home. I found many recipes used fattening creams (IE. whipping cream, cream, sour cream), or processed cheese (velveeta – yuck!) and flours. The recipes that did catch my attention were ones that used potatoes for the thickening/starch agent (for gluten-free) and different cheeses (such as goat cheeses (cheddar, soft or mozarella), stilton and blue cheese) as well as low fat milks.

I did find a great contender broccoli soup recipe that is gluten-free and casein-free (no cows milk) that I may try at home and modify a tad. Here it is:

I also like this recipe below with wild mushrooms – it may be good to incorporate with above recipe:

When I was researching broccoli soup recipes, I discovered some with cumin, cayenne pepper, other vegetables, lemon juice and even nutmeg. I would like to play with those ingredients in a broccoli soup.

Here’s a list of other notable broccoli soup recipes that use other ingredients and no flour.

Do you have a favorite broccoli soup recipe? Feel free to share in comments below!

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