Kill Dill – An Oyster Chowder Review at The Stock Market

Oyster Chowder Stock Market

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Oyster chowder with dill served up from The Stock Market at Granville Island.

Over a week ago, I went grocery shopping at Granville Island and decided to check out the daily soups at the Stock Market. I have been visiting the Stock Market from time to time for over two decades – they do make some mighty fine soups, sauces and stocks. I had the liberty to meet the founders (a husband and wife team: Joanne and Georges) back in the day when I was a sales rep for Unisource (they were a client of mine in the late 90’s). Very nice and passionate folks indeed.

So what caught my attention at The Stock Market that day? I first noticed the Oyster Chowder in their packaged soup area and it looked yummy to me. It was chilly outside that day and I was wanting something to warm me up right then and there. I peeked over to the sandwich board and noticed that they were also serving up a big pot of Oyster Chowder as well. Something was odd though, because I noticed that the chowder being served up was not the same ingredients as the packaged Oyster Chowder.

The packaged Oyster Chowder had: oyster broth, potatoes, fresh oysters, fresh spinach, onions, leeks, carrots, fresh tomatoes, celery, fresh garlic, thyme, bay leaves, sea salt, canola oil, saffron, black pepper.

The one on the board read: “Fresh Oyster chowder with dill, tomatoes, onion and black peppercorn”.

Hmmn, they are different? Oh, well, I decided to give it a try.

The Verdict of Oyster Chowder: The chowder that was being served up was just o.k. – it was not great though. There was a bit of disconnect with the ingredients – they didn’t play well together for myself. The lightness of the broth and healthy vegetables with dill, made me feel as though chicken should have been in the chowder instead of oysters. I wondered if an employee that day had intentions of making the oyster chowder but accidentally added dill as the herb and just ran with it.

  • Kill Dill: I think the dill murdered the chowder and does not go well. Alternatively when I look at their packaged oyster chowder ingredients, it had thyme instead. Now that makes more sense than dill!
  • Turn Up The Heat: I think the chowder also needs some sort of warm spice (possibly cayenne or red thai chile?) and some cream.

I decided that I will be on a hunt for Oyster Chowder recipes tonight and find one that I can make sometime soon. I am really blessed to be in Beautiful British Columbia because we have so many options to buy fresh oysters (live in shell or fresh in tubs). It’s time to get cooking with them in soups!

Soup Mistress Rating for Oyster Chowder Soup With Dill at The Stock Market:

Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (4.5/5)
Presentation: (3.5/5) 
Taste: (2.5/5) 

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