Sodium Smackdown of Vegetable Stocks for Soup Making

Just recently, I have been told by my physician to watch my salt intact and I have been paying a fair bit of attention to sodium in vegetable stocks/broths.

My Favorite Low Sodium Vegetable Stock? The sure winner for myself is Imagine’s Organic Biologique Vegetable Broth (#1 below). I use their broth for most of my soup recipes and I love the taste of it. The runner-up with least sodium is Kitchen Basics Vegetable Broth (#2), but the taste is not even as close to Imagines Organic Bioloque Vegetable Broth.  I regard Imagines Organic Biologique as a premium stock and it is not the cheapest stock.

I truly believe that you should not cut corners if you want to make a great soup with a great tasting stock that is low in sodium!

Below are vegetable stocks that I have ranked from highest sodium to lowest sodium (for those who had different measurements, I have converted them to per 250ml):


#7 Organics Bioloqigue Vegetable Broth: 910mg Sodium (38% daily intake) per 250ml



#6 Campbell’s Vegetable Broth: 800mg Sodium (33% daily intake) per 250ml



#5 Knorr Simply Vegetable Broth: 720mg Sodium (30% daily intake) per 250ml



#4 Wolfgang Puck All Natural Vegetable Stock: 697mg Sodium (29.5% daily intake) per 250ml



#3 Cambell’s Biologique Vegetable Broth: 600mg Sodium (25% daily intake) per 250ml



#2 Kitchen Basics Vegetable Broth: 250mg Sodium (10% daily intake) per 250ml



#1 Imagine Organic Biologique Vegetable Broth: 140mg Sodium (6% daily intake) per 250ml

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