World Famous or Not Matzoh Ball Soup is Nom Nom Not

Just last week, I ventured to New York City for the first time ever. Wow busy city indeed – I loved the whole experience and would like to go back in future.

During our visit, my girlfriend Karen wanted to visit Carnegie’s ( for it’s famous gargantuan sandwiches and I was up for the experience because I wanted to personally try their fluffy matzoh ball soup (it was also touted as a famous dish).

After trying the soup, I am very puzzled to why others find it so great. Don’t get me wrong, the base was a flavorful chicken stock (tad on the salty side), but the matzoh balls were very tasteless. Overall, the presentation was a little hum drum. I have to give some credit though for the experience of the waiter pouring the stock into the bowl as I was sitting there – a nice touch. But the soup itself wasn’t spectacular what-so-ever.

I’m thinking this is one soup that needs a creative soup makeover. Maybe something injected in the middle as a surprise. In the future, I think I will try to tackle myself with my own flare.

A better spin on Matzoh Ball Soup: A best-selling Orthodox Jewish kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein developed a recipe for Tri-Color Matzoh Balls combining spinach, turmeric, and tomato with matzoh ball mix. She’s on to something! Check out her Matzoh Ball soup here.


Soup Mistress Rating for Carnegie Deli Matzoh Ball Soup:

Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (2.5/5)
Presentation: (2/5) 
Taste: (2.5/5)

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