Squashed! Soup at Liquid and Solids in Vancouver – A Soup Review

Squashed Soup Package

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Squashed! Soup from Liquid and Solids

A client of mine knew that I was a soup lover and today she recommended that I visit Liquid and Solids on Venables in Vancouver. She mentioned that they had a range of unique soups. So why not? It was great timing right before lunchtime.

Although the fresh daily soups posted on the board looked amazing, I decided to pick up a frozen packaged soup to bring back to my office for lunch instead. The one that I purchased sounded healthy and delicious. It was called Squashed!

Package description:
It is a pureed blend of butternut squash, granny smith apples and a little light cream. Our most popular soup ever.

The ingredients:
Butternut squash, water, vegetable broth, apple, onion, cream, butter, brown sugar, canola oil, salt, xanthan gum (natural).

What I like about Liquid and Solids Squashed! soup:
It was very tasty (can taste the butternut squash) and creamy smooth (not too thick nor to thin). I was a bit surprised though when I tried the soup cold (before I heated it) – I think I like it even better than hot. I would recommend it cold on a day like today. Yummy indeed. I highly recommend Squashed! soup.

What I would tweak:
If I was to make this soup at home, there are a few ingredients I would tweak in the recipe to satisfy my preferences as well as my lust for a slimmer soup. Also the sodium is a tad high for me at 600 mg (25% daily value). The soup can use some garnishes on top before serving to pretty it up. I may attempt to recreate this yummy recipe at home and I will share what I have done if I do.

For those who don’t like to cook or looking for some yummy soup in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area, just hop on over to Liquid and Solids at 1530 Venables Street to get your Squashed! soup.

What I really like about Liquid and Solids overall:
When I got home, I visited their website and was impressed with a few key factors of Liquid and Solids production approach for their soups. Some of them are:

  • They use all-natural ingredients. No preservatives.
  • All their products are made entirely from scratch, and their crew is involved in every step of production to ensure the integrity of each ingredient as well as the finished goods.
  • All recipes produced in controlled small batches to ensure quality control & product integrity.
  • All suppliers are located within 25 km of our manufacturing site.
  • All efforts are used to source locally grown produce when seasonally possible.
  • All beef, pork and fish ingredients are organic and/or free range.
  • They package in recyclable containers and 2.5 L plastic bladders to ensure foodsafe single use while minimizing the footprint of used containers and related refuse.

I’m thinking the next time I have another client meeting in the area, I will stop in and pick up their African Safari Soup (has peanut butter and cilantro in it) – it sounds totally delish!

Soup Mistress Rating for Squashed! Soup at Liquids and Solids in Vancouver:
Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (3.5/5)
Presentation: (3.5/5):
Taste: (4/5) 

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