Cold Tomato Soup With Black Olives a Superb Choice – A Soup Review

cold tomato soup savore

Just this past Saturday, I was in New York with some friends and we took a cab to the Soho area for some shopping. My girlfriend Nancy wanted to have lunch at an Italian restaurant and I was up for it as well. So we came across a quaint Italian restaurant called Savore ( on Spring Street and decided to sit outside to people watch while we ate.

I needed something healthy and refreshing to revive me from all the touristy walks and lack of sleep, so I ordered the cold tomato soup which had chunks of cucumber, mozzarella and black olives. Oh my! The black olives was a superb choice indeed. I believe they were trying to create a chunkier style gazpacho.

I did like the taste and surprise of the chunks in the soup, be it cucumber, mozzarella or black olives. The soup also was finished off with some fine tasting olive oil splashed on top, which I really liked as well. The soup did taste fresh and light – what I was expecting.

But…I couldn’t pinpoint if there were herbs or garlic in the soup. I think it lacked a tad in that area.

This soup is a contender to recreate in the future with some very minor tweaks. I would:

  • add fresh basil to this soup to give it more life – even though gazpachos don’t normally have basil. Also as a final touch, I would use a few basil leaves for the final garnish.
  • use gluten-free bread. Most gazpachos use stale white bread with gluten in the tomato puree. I bet most people don’t know that bread is used in gazpacho. Did you?
  • dice the mozzarella and cucumbers smaller, leave the olives as is (whole without the seed of course).
  • add a small amount of diced seeded tomatoes.
  • add more garlic to the purée! I could not detect any in Savore’s soup.

Note: this soup is currently NOT listed on their menu on website, but was on their printed menu at the restaurant.

Overall I do recommend this soup if you were to be in Soho in New York City. I just think it would be fun to recreate the soup with some minor tweaks.

Soup Mistress Rating for Cold Tomato Soup at Savore in NYC:

Healthy (+ slimming + low sodium): (4/5)
Presentation: (4/5) 
Taste: (4/5) 

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